Why I Recommend Black and White Portraits for Your Kids

Everything you need to know before scheduling a black and white photo session for your children in the Edmonton, AB area!

By: Jamie Cornish

Hi! I'm Jamie, a newborn and family photographer in Edmonton, AB, Canada. If you have any questions about black and white children's portraits or would like to schedule a session, click here.

It’s 15 years from now and your son is walking across the stage at his graduation.

He is grown up. Poised. Handsome.

All you can think is, “Is this really the same rowdy 2-year-old that would never sit still?”

He climbed onto everything. EVERYTHING.

If you turned your back for one second, he was halfway across the yard. (Or parking lot!)

Let’s not talk about the time he got into the markers when you were on the phone. Or bathed the dog and flooded the bathroom.

A picture flashes across the screen as he grabs his diploma.

It’s a black-and-white portrait of that never-a-dull moment toddler.

Suddenly you see that little boy again.

How he was so curious. How he made you laugh. How you melted a little every time those bright eyes looked up at you.

And there’s that goofy, mile-wide grin that he still has. Only now, he’s got all of his grown-up teeth.

When parents come to me and say they want pictures of their kids, but they’re not sure where to start, I often tell them to go for a black and white mini session.

There’s something so timeless and magical about black and white photos of your kids.

When you take away color, their expressions and innocence just shine through so much.

It’s a beautiful way to capture how they are at this exact moment. So you can remember it years from now and always.

Here’s everything I want you to know about your child’s black and white mini portrait session:

  • Sessions are only 15 minutes long. A perfect opportunity if you want to cherish those memories of how your kids are in this stage, but you don’t want to corral them for an hour-long photoshoot!

  • If you have more than one kiddo, we can photograph them together AND individually! My package of $224.95 includes two children and six high-resolution digital images.

  • You’ll get your images back within two weeks!

  • You can choose from a white background OR a black background.

  • Light colors, like pastels or whites, look best in black and white portraits. If you can, avoid dressing your kids in black, bold prints and patterns, and graphic tees to their session. That being said, this is your shoot, so if that shirt with the giant T. Rex cartoon shows off your child’s personality the most, then that’s the one!

  • If your child is feeling shy or nervous, come five minutes earlier than you’d planned for your session. We’ll hang out and ease any jitters they may have before the shoot starts.

  • If your child wants to bring a favorite toy or stuffed animal to their shoot, I am all for it! Sometimes the best grins happen when I say, “Can I take a picture of you and your stuffed cat and show it to you?”

  • Whether your kiddo is shy and quiet or bouncing around the studio, I’ve got you, Mama. We’re going to capture all the beauty and innocence of their childhood, and no, they don’t have to sit still to make that happen. No worries!

  • You can bring their favorite snack or treat to the shoot. In fact, I encourage it!

  • Leading up to your session, talk about it as if the photos are part of a really fun and special day. “On Saturday we’re taking pictures and then going out for lunch!” Or, “Tomorrow we’re taking photos and getting donuts together! I can’t wait to do that with you.” Photo day is the perfect excuse to clear your calendar for a special “date” with your kids that includes a quick photo sesh!

You can book a black and white portrait mini session for your child with me year-round.

Just click here to schedule! I can’t wait to see you and your kiddos!

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