What to Expect for Your Baby's Cake Smash Photoshoot

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Hi, Beautiful Mama!

If your little one is approaching their first birthday~Congratulations! This is such a precious time for your family.

I know this year has been full of changes, challenges, and more love than you could have ever imagined.

That's why I absolutely adore cake smash photoshoots that celebrate your baby turning one!

These sessions show off your child's budding personality while also capturing the lingering features you don't want to forget from their newborn days.

It's a magical way to honor how far your family has come and to pause and cherish the memories of this past year.

Maybe you've seen cake smashes on social media or Pinterest, and are wondering how exactly a photoshoot like this works with a busy one-year-old!

"Will my baby actually eat the cake?"

"What if he or she is in a super cranky mood the day of our shoot?" #RealLifeWithKids!

"How do I know what my child should wear?"

With your questions in mind, here are 3 things you need to know when preparing for your baby's first birthday cake smash photos.

#1 - You do not have to sweat about the details.

This photoshoot marks a milestone for your little one, but it's also about you, Mama! On the day of your photos, you get to show up, have fun, and enjoy making memories with your child.

It's my job to make sure everything is ready and perfect for your shoot. (And did I mention, I love my job. 💗)

Once you book your session, we'll have a consultation to go over everything, so you'll know what to expect. Some moms have an outfit for their baby in mind, and I design the shoot around that. Other moms have a color scheme they like, and I take it from there, providing a backdrop, props, and outfit from my studio closet.

Most sessions take place in my studio here in Edmonton, but sometimes we'll go to the client's home or an outdoor location. (I'm flexible, and we'll chat about the "where" during your consult too.)

In short: I have everything you need here ~ the cake, backdrop, props, and the outfit. Or, I can work with any accessories or outfits you have, too!

#2- Your baby probably won't be into the cake, but we're still going to get that frosting-covered grin.

Because we're adults and we know cake is awesomeness wrapped in sugar, we naturally assume baby will be excited about it as well. The truth is, I rarely have a one-year-old in the studio who is super interested in devouring their cake. They'd rather play with it a little, move on to explore something else, crawl over here, mess with their get the idea:).

This is totally okay! Don't worry if your child isn't diving headfirst into their dessert. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to draw their attention to the cake, and we’ll get some of those sweet, messy-faced photos cake smashes are known for. In the photoshoot pictured here, we stuck some of this little girl's favorite puff snacks into the frosting. While it looks like she's eating the cake, she's actually munching on her "hidden" snacks.

#3- You do not have to worry about your child's mood that day.

Can I be real with you? I got into this business because I love kids, and I love helping families build their legacies through photos they can share for generations. I don't mind in the least if your child is feeling fussy, grumpy, tired, or getting into stuff. In fact, I kind of expect it to happen for almost everyone! In this photoshoot, the little girl's mom said she was feeling cranky, but once we started shooting, she had so much fun, and the sweet giggles began rolling in.

I'm here to get those genuine smiles from your littles. So no worries, Mama, I got that covered. If you're helping coax those smiles, it's always best if you stand directly behind me. That way, it will seem like your child is looking at the camera (when they're actually lighting up 'cuz they see you!).

Cakes smashes are meant to be fun for your child! It's an experience you both will enjoy from the first click all the way to the milk bath finale.

I hope this post was helpful! If you have questions, or are in the Edmonton area and want to schedule your child's cake smash photos now, click here.

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