To the Mama-To-Be who is feeling more swollen than glowing...

To the Mama-To-Be who is feeling more swollen than glowing...

By: Jamie Cornish

Thank you for stopping by. I'm Jamie, a family, newborn, and branding photographer in Edmonton, AB Canada. If you’re ready to schedule your maternity photoshoot, I would love to meet you! Just click here.

Dear Beautiful Mama-To-Be,

I know your Instagram feed is flooded with gorgeous photos of stunning moms holding perfect bellies.

I know you look at these photos and compare them to your own swollen feet, puffy eyes, and stretch marks and think, “I am so thankful for this pregnancy thing, but man, I feel more like a stuffed watermelon than a fertile, glowing goddess. I could never have maternity photos like that.”

Here’s what I want you to know from my experience in photographing mamas-to-be for the past couple of years:

Behind every profile-pic-worthy shot, there is a real woman who is as swollen, tired, and anxious as you.

In maternity photos, the world sees a mom draped in an elegant gown, standing in just the right light, gazing adoringly at her stomach. She looks flawless.

But what the world doesn’t see is how this mom brought a friend with her to her session, because 38 weeks pregnant is no joke, and she needed some help climbing in and out of her outfits.

What the world doesn’t see is that this mom brought a friend to her session because her husband wasn’t able to be there with her. He’s in another country, in fact, waiting for travel restrictions to ease so he can be with his family.

The world sees a fun and playful mom ready to cheer on a football team. What you don’t see is that this football team is her husband’s favorite, and wearing the fan gear is her way of bringing him into the photos when he isn’t there.

You know what else the world doesn’t see? This mama just before her photoshoot. When she got to relax, put up her feet, and eat a ton of delicious snacks while someone else did her hair and makeup. When she let someone take care of her, if only for a couple of hours.

When you look at those radiant moms-to-be on social media and feel like this could never be you, I want you to know they are you.

If you could see yourself through the rest of the world’s eyes, you would see just how amazing and beautiful and inspiring you are to us all, right now. Stretch marks and heartburn and morning sickness and all.

You do not have to feel perfect or have the perfect pregnancy to capture this time with your baby and document this part of your story.

Your baby, and the world, just needs you. Because even when you don’t feel like it, you are doing a miraculous job at growing this tiny human.

And that is most definitely beautiful and worth sharing in a photo.

Moms-to-be, I would love to meet you and help you document this part of your story with your sweet baby. Know that your maternity session will be about you, and having you feel and look your best. And, did I mention the snacks :)? To book your maternity photos, click here!

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