My top 5 family photo shoot locations in Edmonton AB

Here are my top five (in no particualar order) locations for Family Photo Sessions in Edmotnon AB

These are spaces that are kid friendly and each have their own pros! (& cons)

Location One:

Lois Hole Provincal Park

This park is absolutly beautful! I love shooting here as its different than most of the other places I shoot. Its got ample parking and is kid friendly. There are usually families here walking and enojoying the beauty. Keep in mind we may have to spend a little time letting passer bys though during our session.

Location Two:

Jackie Parker Park

locatated in South Edmonton's community of Millwoods, this park is huge. It has beautiful big trees and is kept well. This park is an off lease dog park so its best for clients who want to include their dog in their session or who love dogs

Its got a big parking lot and a kids park clsoe by ( a great way to bribe kiddos to play after the session!)

Location Three:

MacTaggart Sanctuary Trail Loop

Located off of 23rd ave beside the community of MacTaggart this location is absolutly beautiful! It has georgous mature trees and a stream running through it! There is a small parking lot that usually has enough parking. ( I havn't had any issues yet)

Location Four:

Rainbow Valley Trail

Location in Edmontons Rainbow Valley, this location used to be one of my FAVEORITE places to for a family photo session! I say used to be, because they are doing some construction and the perfect park I was able to use last summer is now all dirt! (and likely going to be something else by next year)

This location still has potentioal as it has a pretty cool bridge that kids usually think is "so fun" and there is a little bit of grass on the edge of the trail.

Its less kid friendly now though with some of the trees cleared.

It's a bit of a busier location as its a popular running / walking trail

Location Five:

Summerside Park

Located in South Edmonton's community of Summerside, this park is perfect for family sessions. There is a school playground (again great for bribing kids to cooperate for the photos) and a parking lot and lots of street parking. Its a big grassy field with the perfect treed background.

This might be my faveorite place to shoot in the whole city!

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