Milestone sessions - What even are they? - Edmonton AB

Let me start by saying I LOVE Milestone sessions!

So, what is a milestone session AKA a sitter session?

A milestone session is a session done in the first year of life for each milestone a baby goes though. They are also called sitter sessions. Typically these sessions are done when a baby is sitting up all by themselves, or sometimes earlier when they are able to be on their tummy and hold their head up. These photos are so cute and fun to document as the baby is alert and usually smiley and excited!

The last milestone we document in the first year is the first birthday, for the first birthday session its common to do a cake smash session. This is so fun because usually the baby has not had cake before and once they get that first bite... they realize cake is the best and go for some more!

Some of my clients will book a newborn session and then the 3 most popular milestone sessions. ( 3-4 months - baby is able to hold their head up on their tummy, 6-8 months old baby is sitting up all by themselves and a One year cake smash session) and then they will put a little yearbook together to document the first year of their babies life! And yes, I have a package for this!

Here is some baby cuteness for you to go with this post!

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