Branding Session Spotlight for Jessi Ritchie from Liddell Law Office

From 7 years of post-secondary, loving law school, and surviving articles/bar exams while pregnant to a successful lawyer! How Jessi found success and became a badass lawyer! Entrepreneurship is so much better with friends by your side! If you’ve ever been curious about how the small businesses in your community have gotten to where they are today, you are in the right place. In this series, you’ll get to meet your fellow YEG Entrepreneurs and hear their stories of launching a business, overcoming obstacles, and building a career they love. Today, I'm sitting down with Jessi, a lawyer at Liddell Law Office. Pour a cup of coffee and join us as we learn more about her business journey.

Hi everyone! I'm Jessi, an associate lawyer with Liddell Law Office. I am a lawyer and mama bear of three girls

Q. Let’s dive more into the specifics of your business. What products/services do you offer? What do you do for your clients that sets you apart?

A. Liddell law is a full-service firm that provides a variety of services for our clients such as corporate services, real estate transactions, estates/estate documents, family matters, civil litigation, and federal indigenous matters. I am committed to providing practical legal solutions that align with my clients' specific needs.

Q. What are you most proud of in your work?

A. My work regarding indigenous matters. There are various barriers that prevent indigenous persons from accessing legal services and justice. I am proud to bridge that gap whenever possible.

Q. What is one challenge you’ve overcome as a business owner, and what did you learn from it that you can share with others?

A. Covid has forced me to pause and reflect on how I provide services to my clients. It is not possible often for clients to attend in-person meetings for a variety of reasons. I have introduced online meetings and I am more flexible regarding out-of-office meetings to ensure front-line workers do not need to take time off to come into the firm during standard office hours. Flexible payment options have also been introduced to ensure legal services are accessible to everyone.

Q. What is your favorite part of what you do?

A. I’d have to say court. Amicable resolutions to legal matters are always explored first but being in court is definitely one of the reasons why lawyers decide to go to law school.

Q. What is one thing you do to set yourself up for success every week?

A. As a working mom I am hyper-organized. Planning ahead is key, that and all the coffee!

Q. Where can people find you to learn more?

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