5 Things to do BEFORE you hire a photographer

Anytime I am going to invest in something I always do a little research first. I like to know what I am buying, the value I am getting and that what I am investing in is worth it.

Here are 5 steps to make sure you find the right photographer for you!


Look at their online presence. Check out their website, Instagram, Facebook etc. Do you like the images they show? This is so important! If you do not like their style of work do not book them. Do not assume that they will just shoot and edit for what you have in your mind, most photographers have a style of photography that they cater to. Make sure what you see matches the vision in your mind. These are the images you will be hanging in your home and enjoying for years to come.


While you're digging around on their website and social channels, see if you can get to know them a little bit. Having a photographer you get along with makes your sessions fun and easy. Do they offer thing things you like? Do they show you any of their personality? Can you tell what they value and does that vibe with your values? Again this is important because you want to have fun during your session! I often end up with friends from my sessions! (I love making new friends)


Talk to them. Are you able to send them an email or a DM? Do they have a phone number or can you schedule a call with them? Its great to have a call (even just a quick one) with your photographer before you book them. Have some questions ready before the call and see how you feel when they answer them. Did they give you answers you liked? Did they make you feel at ease and comfortable? This call will give you a good idea on if they will be a good fit for you; and you them.


Look at the reviews they have. This is the closest thing you can get to a recommendation. What are people saying about them? Are they talking about any of the questions or concerns you have for your session? How do you feel reading them? Im not sure about you but anytime I am purchasing from a new place I always check the reviews and it has a big impact on whether or not I will purchase from them.

Last but not least


What is your budget? Do they show their pricing online? If not you may have to call or email to get a quote. It's okay to do that, if a photographer does not list their prices they are expecting these questions. If they do list their pricing do you feel that the value of what you get for the cost of the session is fair? Photography is a very big industry with talent and experience all over the place. If you're looking for something cheap, you will find it. Paying a lower price to help someone build their portfolio is a good thing to do if that is the direction you want to go. If you are looking for someone who has experice and an established business who will deliver a quality product without any of the learning curves you will find that too!

Keep in mind with photography you typically get what you pay for. If you have gone though all of these steps and you are happy with someone, go ahead and book away! Then you can get to the fun part, start shopping for a new outfit for your shoot!

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